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Paint Prep Technician

Company Core Values:

Pride – Do the right thing
Responsible – Take Ownership
Innovate – Lead the way

Main Purpose of Job:

  • To ensure the repair of motor vehicles of all types is carried out to motor manufacturer industry standards or repair methods.
  • To carry out such work in an efficient, safe and economical manner, ensuring the integral quality of the vehicle and its safety is maintained.
  • To employ such knowledge and skills as may be required to restore vehicles to an industry recognised acceptable standard.
  • To ensure that non-productive time is kept to a minimum.

Relationships and Personal Activities


  • Directly responsible to ATA Technician and in their absence Production Manager, Bodyshop or Site Manager.
  • Responsible for: Safety, economy and accuracy of self, any assigned personnel or apprentice.
  • Relationships with: All other Bodyshop personnel.

Customer Service and Satisfaction:

  • To protect customers vehicles with covers and dust sheets etc.
  • To safeguard the customers’ vehicle and contents whilst being repaired.
  • Ensure all safety precautions regarding petrol are in place (if engine is removed all fuel pipes are clamped, all fuel lines are intact, fuel tank is no more than one quarter full as a maximum, and remove filler caps before operating oven).
  • To ensure that all work carried out meets acceptable safety and quality standards.

Cost Control:

  • To ensure that all hours and material usage are accurately recorded.
  • To minimise wastage of all materials and consumables.


The Company reserves the right to:

  • assign to you duties of a different nature either additional to, or instead of, those specified; and/or
  • require you to perform services without further remuneration (unless otherwise agreed). However, you will not be assigned duties or required to perform services which you cannot reasonably perform, or which are inconsistent with, the position you hold.

Under no circumstances must you attempt to perform a duty for which you have not been trained or are qualified to do.


  • You are required to carry out your work faithfully and diligently.

Whole Time & Attention:

  • During working hours, you must devote the whole of your time and attention and ability to your duties.


  • All employees are expected to display a high standard of teamwork. They should co‑operate in undertaking the work of absent colleagues or in assisting in other departments where the workload is particularly high.

Limits of Authority

  • Personnel:Control and training of assigned apprentice and MET/Panel or Paint Technicians.

Experience, Qualifications and Training

To have a minimum of 3 years experience in the Body repair of motor vehicles.

  • To undertake training courses as required.
  • Motor manufacturer qualifications and experience.
  • Knowledge of latest Waterbourne Technology.
  • Aware of composite and aluminium repair.
  • Bonding, sealer and filler repair skills.
  • Driving licence.
  • Machine polishing including hologram removal.
  • Motor manufacturer led training.
  • Paint manufacturer led training.

Main Job Functions

  • To observe, recognise and report on vehicle structure and paintwork.
  • To ensure that vehicles comply with safety standards when returned to customers, or that faults have been reported and noted on the job card.
  • Removal and safe storage of vehicle components, fluids and gases as directed by work order.
  • Removal and safe disposal of vehicle components and fluids as directed by work order.
  • Quality control of all repairs, with final stage sign off.
  • To report all faults, defects noticed whilst working on vehicles.
  • To take care of equipment, special tools, personal tools and report any faulty equipment to your line manager.
  • To actively make sure the repair method is in the job pack and is fully read, understood (e-scribe, manufacturer or other source) and displayed with the vehicle at all times.
  • To observe, recognise and report on vehicle structure and paintwork.
  • To interpret and implement technical service instruction data.
  • To indent for replacement parts and record usage.
  • Paint repair – to be able to accurately use paint mixing schemes, computerised scales, spray booths and drying lamps.
  • To keep work floor areas clean and tidy.
  • To keep spray booth and bake booths clean and tidy.
  • To ensure that vehicles comply with safety standards when returned to customers, or that faults have been reported and noted on job card.
  • Application of topcoat to manufacturer’s specification.
  • Preparation of repaired areas as directed by work order, in readiness for application of topcoat.
  • General workspace cleanliness, protection of vehicles for overspray, booths and push through ovens emptied and compactor emptied.

The purpose of this outline job description is to focus attention on the most important aspects of the job.

It is not intended to be a complete list of every duty and it is therefore to be expected that the day to day performance of the job will frequently include tasks not listed above.

The list of duties for which the job holder is responsible may be varied or added to at the discretion of your manager.  Any such alterations intended to be permanent will be added to the job description.

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